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    Marine plywood

    Manufactured in 100% African Okoume to BS-1088, this premium quality Marine Plywoodan appealing pink is a greatly sought after product for the marine industry. Being in one uniform species, Okoume is chosen because of durability and highly stable nature to meet performance under marine environment. And, constructed in multiply of equal thickness veneer adds strength, stability and better impact resistance. Bonded in Phenol Formaldehyde attaining and passing stringent 72 hours boiling tests by relevant Authorities, you can confident depend on our Marine Plywood. Finally, the tight grain of Okoume with very smooth surface provide an excellent base for marine paints and varnishes, a high quality gloss finishes can be achieved. 

    our marine plywood had passed BS1088 test by the State forstery administration of China. .And TaiNuo Wood is the only factory in china who had passed BS1088 test For Marine Plywood.

    Marine plywood supplier

    Stress GradeTB20
    EmissionsE0 (Formaldehyde Emission Class)
    Core GapsNil
    Thicknesses1.5, 3, 4, 6,9,12,15,18,21,25,30
    Processed in 0.004082 Second.
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